How to support yourself in times of war

By supporting ourselves, we can help ourselves significantly. It was psychological resilience or strength of spirit, hope, dreams, or planning for the future (such as seeing someone or doing or creating something) that helped concentration camp prisoners survive the hardships. This is evidenced by the stories of Victor Frankl.

Despair and panic can be overcome, as many examples have shown (including personal experience).

Here are 10 tips:

  1. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and exhale very slowly. At least 5 times, slowly.

  2. Focus on pleasant (positive) thoughts. Thoughts of negative scenarios or horrific facts of war set the brain in a panic. "Make yourself" think of something pleasant for you, and it doesn't matter if it's true: now you need to switch the flow of thoughts from a horror film to a pleasant, calm film.

  3. If possible, sleep, eat. The body needs energy, sleep is the best recovery.

  4. Feel in control of something. For example, remember what you did or can do today: wash your head, buy bread, talk to loved ones on the phone, read an article about complacency, brush your teeth, or just massage your stomach or legs (this is also useful).

  5. Keep in touch with others. Correspond, call, there are now free support groups. You are not alone in this difficult situation. Man is a social being, look for communication. Try to find a person who has a positive effect on you, encourages you, communicate more with her.

  6. Breathe fresh air. If possible, go outside every day, at least for a while. Additionally, you can do light exercise (sit down several times, push off the floor).

  7. Take a break from the flow of information. At least for 2 years.

  8. Take a shower, wash: water refreshes, restores.

  9. Use creativity and art as a means of reassurance: read, watch movies, listen to podcasts, make a cake.

  10. Feel love for yourself and pride in yourself.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, but on the contrary be grateful to yourself that you can read this post, think, breathe, and thus overcome the inner darkness. To be reborn for a new worldview, values, new life. It is difficult, but quite possible!

Fortunately, a person has deep reserves of endurance and strength - remember other personal techniques to maintain strength and calm, which you did when it was difficult.

Please take care of yourself!