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The work of Dazai Osamu can be seen as an example of a melancholic subject. His works, which are written in the first person and for the most part reflect the worldview and life of the author, as is typical for "stories about oneself".


Despite our level of resilience and self-confidence, the pain of a broken heart is the hardest to overcome. And then we feel that Dolor animi gravior est, quam corporis dolor (lat.) – Mental pain is more severe than physical pain. Why do the usual mechanisms of overcoming pain do not work? ...


Clinical depression is the most common and serious mental illness. In my opinion, this is the disorder that affects relationships the most. Because a person with depression does not seek, but rather avoids ...


When you are living with a mental disorder, you may wonder if it is worth talking to your partner about it. And if you're single, you might wonder if a mental health condition precludes romantic relationships for you...


How a love relationships affect mental health. Is it possible to create couples and build families if one of the partners has a mental disorder? And what are the features of this relationship?

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Kristeva returns to the question of what the soul is, how it is defined. The psyche, in her opinion, is such a prototype of the soul, which "saves us from biological fatalism and shapes us as gifted beings"...


Jean Baudriyard on the body cult in the society of consumption and the transformation of beauty into a commodity. Biohacking as an example of using the body as an investment item. The body is a model machine, technical metaphors for the body...


Melancholy is a condition in which symptoms such as inhibition, cordon, lack of interest, indifference, sometimes replaced by hyperactive arousal, appear.


We postpone - as a rule, consciously - when we feel helpless in any situation, worry or worry, in general in one way or another dissatisfied with ourselves.